Nats Christmas Social 2022

A trip down the microscope with Howard, Jill’s Christmas Quiz, and Cake!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Christmas Social; a nice get-together.

Thanks especially to Howard for his great presentation exploring the microscopic world — how he, together with Alwyn, matched the music with the movements was brilliant!

Thanks too to Trevor for thinking of showing us the video on the ‘power of nature’. If anyone missed it, we can forward it to you: just get in touch.

And thanks as always to Jill for setting the annual Christmas Quiz. It was a great quiz, and nice to be able to do it in person this time rather than online.

And good to have time together to chat with some cake!

Doug gave out copies of a New Year Quiz —here it is.
[Click on the link to view without downloading]

Here are the answers!

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