Ferns – old and new

From Howard. Here’s a photo that I’ve taken recently. I put a fossil fern, around three hundred million years old, next to a living fern in my garden to see what they looked like together. Later the sun came out and I was impressed by the shadows. All the best, Howard

One thought on “Ferns – old and new”

  1. I thought Howard might like to know his really impressive fern specimen looks like one of the Psaroniacea family, probably Pecopteris. He probably already knows it’s from the Westphalian Coal Measures. It grew as part of the understorey to the taller Coal Swamp forests, on the edge of the large rivers, which is where it got washed in and buried in, what looks like, the siltstone that preserved it. 300 million years is a good approximation. Rick

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