Combat or copulation?

From Rick. Things must be getting bad. I’m paying attention to insects! [Rick’s main interest of course is geology.] At 10am, on 6th June after the shower, but in bright sunshine, on the patio.

At first I thought of an invasive killer eating our bees, but on closer inspection I think its copulation, not combat. I’m pretty sure they’re bees, but no idea why they aren’t the right colour, or doing this sort of thing on the wing. Maybe one you guys will know? Rick

One thought on “Combat or copulation?”

  1. In response to Rick’s question: they are a mating pair of Tree Bumblebees (Bombus hypnorum). This bee only arrived in the UK for mainland Europe in 2001 but it has now spread and can be found all over England, much of Wales and is becoming common in Scotland too.

    Most bumblebee species mate on the ground or in vegetation; only a few days ago I had a mating pair or Early Bumblebees (Bombus pratorum) clasped together on the ground by the path in my garden. David

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