Barn owls …

Over 15 years ago, Colin and Linda were given a Barn Owl box which has been used over the years by Stock Doves, Kestrels and Tawny Owls but never a Barn Owl.

Then in late April this year, while bat detecting, they noticed a Barn Owl flying from the box and then the following night a Barn Owl showing well next to it.

They continue to have regular sightings of the male Barn Owl hunting and returning to the nest box with food for the female which must be brooding eggs.

For more on Colin and Linda’s barn owls go to the comments on this post

12 thoughts on “Barn owls …”

  1. Hi, I live in Barnsley and would love to photograph the barn owls, I don’t suppose I’d be able to? If not that’s ok I’m just glad to hear the news That there are some in Barnsley as I’ve only seen one before and that was years ago.

    1. Hi. Good to hear from you. Pleased that you appreciated the saga of the barn owls. The youngsters have now fledged! The area on which they are sited is private land so access is not really possible.

  2. ‘Our’ Barn Owls continue to feed the young despite much farming activity. It must be near to the fledging of the eldest chick!

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