Jill’s 2021 Christmas Quiz

Here’s Jill’s annual Barnsley Nats Christmas quiz! Now with answers!

Did you have a go at her festive offering in the days before Christmas​ or at Christmas itself​? Check the answer by hovering over each image. You can make them larger by clicking.
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Now the Quiz!

Which owl species? Answers given by clicking in order on the images

QUESTION 1. A bird of open country/farmland/coastal marshland and forest edges. Hunts over grassland

QUESTION 2. A bird on the northern edge of its range. Has a wide range of habitats but nests on farmland

QUESTION 3. A habitat adaptable species of deciduous and coniferous woodland, farmland, towns and city centres where there is parkland.

QUESTION 4. This bird is nocturnal, inhabits conifer and deciduous woods and forests. Breeds in conifer plantations, edges of large woodlands, thorny thickets and tall hedges, always where there is open country nearby, moorland and marshland.

QUESTION 5. This species hunts regularly in daylight (especially at dawn and dusk). Habitat is open country, moorland, coastal marshes, rough grassland and dunes.

Can you identify these birds in flight ?(a to c)

Can you identify these plant galls?
(Questions 7-10. Remember, match your answer to the image)

( Questions 11 to 14; in the second images there are two plants!)

(Questions 15 -17)

QUESTION 18. How is this fungus related to a pirate ?

QUESTION 19. This staining on the wood is produced by Green Elf Cup, what dye does it produce ?

We hope you enjoyed Jill’s quiz. All the best for 2022.
Thanks of course to Jill – and to Ron and Doug for the photos.
Barnsley Nats

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